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US-1437054-A: Apparatus for and method of making building blocks patent, US-1437085-A: Tire mounting or dismounting machine patent, US-1438429-A: Pkocess of hajsrufacttrking plubal-layee strttctttees patent, US-143909-A: Improvement in combined brakes and starters for street-cars patent, US-143917-A: Improvement in machines for boring and facing cylinders patent, US-1439336-A: Puzzle patent, US-1439795-A: Burglar alarm patent, US-1441067-A: Adjustable mop and brush handle patent, US-1441363-A: Motor meter patent, US-1441829-A: Air pump patent, US-1442369-A: Hood clamp patent, US-1442919-A: Process of making railroad frogs and product thereof patent, US-1443324-A: Die head patent, US-1443985-A: Signaling system patent, US-1444341-A: Fuel patent, US-1444381-A: Proportion finder patent, US-1444857-A: of detroit patent, US-1445763-A: Collapsible minnow trap patent, US-1445966-A: Dimmer for automobile headlights patent, US-1446142-A: Valve silencer patent, US-1446736-A: Manufacture of hydrogen and oxygen patent, US-1447260-A: Lockable cover for automobile fuel tanks patent, US-1447352-A: Entrainment mechanism for power-generating units patent, US-1448483-A: Collapsible saw clamp patent, US-1449182-A: Gas stove patent, US-1449412-A: Separable-die holder patent, US-1450125-A: Automatic heat control patent, US-1450284-A: Flexible shafting patent, US-1450352-A: Selecting switch for use in telephone systems patent, US-1450401-A: Animal poke for restraining stock patent, US-1451493-A: Stopping and landing mechanism for aeroplanes, dirigibles, balloons, and the like patent, US-145152-A: Improvement in burnishers for photographs patent, US-1451719-A: Dust caps for tire valves patent, US-1452391-A: Closure patent, US-1452491-A: Automatic musical instrument patent, US-145260-A: Improvement in machines for severing tin cans patent, US-1453204-A: Guide device for taps or reamers patent, US-1453455-A: Bag frame patent, US-1453935-A: Chest patent, US-1453992-A: Warper seat patent, US-1454241-A: Apartment house patent, US-1454282-A: Detachable wheel mounting patent, US-1454325-A: Incubator patent, US-1454836-A: Steam-pressure cooker patent, US-1455482-A: Indicator for timepieces patent, US-1455637-A: Wheel patent, US-1455802-A: Device for waving natural hair patent, US-1456176-A: Kobert w patent, US-1456390-A: Safety device for plants delivering inflammable liquids patent, US-1456504-A: Electrode supporting device patent, US-1456977-A: Fountain brush patent, US-1457115-A: Method of assembling middle bearings for internal-combustion motors patent, US-1457523-A: Wall facing patent, US-1457692-A: Tractor patent, US-145779-A: Improvement in apparatus for unloading corn from wagons patent, US-1459404-A: Supporting device patent, US-1459707-A: Said geoegj h patent, US-1459730-A: Operating mechanism for registers patent, US-1459985-A: Ladle-tilting mechanism patent, US-1460382-A: Door engine control patent, US-1460442-A: Last patent, US-1460731-A: Tumbling barrel patent, US-1461373-A: Luggage carrier patent, US-1461404-A: Automatic valve patent, US-1461913-A: Propeller for flying machines patent, US-1462039-A: Dolly jack patent, US-1462580-A: Method of manufacturing electric conductors patent, US-1462666-A: Tire-chain lock and elastic take-up patent, US-1463087-A: Roller-blind advertising device patent, US-1463109-A: Air pump patent, US-1464563-A: Repeater-control arrangement patent, US-146461-A: Improvement in apparatus for dispensing mineral-water patent, US-1464724-A: Friction shock-absorbing mechanism patent, US-1464945-A: Ruling-machine guide patent, US-146532-A: Improvement in nut-locks patent, US-1466586-A: Burglarproof window lock patent, US-1466661-A: Operator's chair patent, US-1466673-A: Shoe-lace fastener patent, US-146701-A: Improvement in balanced slide-valves patent, US-1467395-A: Sector spacer patent, US-1467429-A: Gas heater patent, US-1467671-A: Device for inflating tires and the like patent, US-1467703-A: Frank e patent, US-1468216-A: Rabble apparatus for furnaces patent, US-1468245-A: Lock of safes and strong rooms patent, US-1468816-A: Reenforcement for hand bags patent, US-1468864-A: Paint-making machinery patent, US-1469070-A: Safety adjusting means for pressure-cooker locks patent, US-1469406-A: Lever lock patent, US-1470309-A: Puknace patent, US-1470885-A: Process for the production of propionates and propionic acid patent, US-1471276-A: Recovering valuable products from gases patent, US-1472368-A: Draft coupling patent, US-1472704-A: Percolator and electric heating attachment for the same patent, US-1473438-A: Window patent, US-1473833-A: Doorstop patent, US-1473856-A: Switch terminal patent, US-1474560-A: Method for the treatment of artificial silk patent, US-1475805-A: Railway signal torpedo patent, US-1476817-A: Device for handling electric lamps and the like patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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